Here at Coombe, we have three Alpacas whose field overlooks our own chickens.  The hen hotel is located up in their paddock behind its own fencing.  The alpacas make wonderful fox guards as they will squeal and chase after anything that is not usually in their field!

The extra fencing around the hen hotel is there for two reasons, 

Each suite consists of a walk in run, measuring 10' x 4' set on a concrete floor.  This keeps your flock safe and make it easy to thoroughly clean between guests.

in each run there is food, water, grit and a dust bath available. A ramp leads your chickens 18 inches up to their house which measures 3' x 4' and has a roost and nest boxes.

Please note the nest boxes are actually plastic litter trays.  We use these for our own chickens too as they are easy to clean.

At night the chickens will be shut in their house until morning when they will be let out and given breakfast.

The food we have here is a layers mash which will be given twice a day with a handful of corn in the evenings.  If you would prefer to bring your own food for your flock that is absolutely fine.

On arrival, each bird will be given a complimentary dusting of diatom, Please don't be offended - as fellow chicken keepers, we understand the need to protect all our guests from the dreaded red mite.  Should birds arrive with an obvious infestation, they will be refused board, as will any birds who arrive looking unwell.

Should your chicken need veterinary attention during their stay, we are happy to use your own vet should they be within a 10 mile radius of the hotel. If they are further, we would take your chicken to our own vets - Calweton in Callington.  All fees are repayable on collection.

If you would like your chickens eggs saved during their stay, please bring enough egg boxes with you.


Hen Hotel


Bird Health

1. Hens who aren't used to nosey alpacas may not appreciate such close contact.

2. When entering the run should a hen slip past us they wont immediately be in the field and can be reunited with their flock quickly

To allow your birds some "grass time" we have a sturdy 6' x 4' run which will be beside their accommodation behind the fence.  Weather permitting they will spend a couple of hours a day there.