Pet Welfare


Please note that as we are situated in a rural location, it is imperative that your rabbit is vaccinated against Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease VHD if you wish them to stay with us. If your bunny is to be vaccinated for the first time, or after the vaccinated time has lapsed, the vaccinations must be administered at least 2 weeks prior to their stay with us.

Only bunnies with up-to-date vaccinations (accompanied by the vet-signed vaccination card) can be permitted. Please bring the vaccination card with you when you drop off your bunny.

Should your pet become unwell whilst staying with us, we will endevour to contact your vet for advice.  If your animal needs medical attention, we will take them to our vet, any bills are to be paid in full at collection.

You will be required to complete a veterinary release form at time of drop off.


We provide a mixed muesli feed for your rabbit or guinea pig and a tasty tea of greens and carrots will be provided. However, if your pet has any special dietry requirements please let us know and we will try our best to accomodate them. We cannot stock all brands of food as they will lose their nutrition if opened too long. In such cases you will be required to provide you pets own food.

Animals other than rabbits and guinea pigs will be required to bring their own cage and food.

General care.

Should you pet require a freshen up during their stay- for example a bunny with a soiled bottom, we will gently bathe them using just tepid water.  This is an important role in preventing 'fly strike' and we feel it is important that we act quickly in this situation - just as we would for our own rabbits.

Your pet will be handle daily so that they can enjoy a cuddle and we have the opportunity to cast an eye over them and ensure they are in good health.